Event Info

Students in MUS219: Performing Opera present a free, fully-staged production of Monteverdi's masterpiece "L'Orfeo" -- a work that is considered to be the "root of all opera." The production, directed by award-winning director Thomas Guthrie and conducted by Director of Choral Activities Gabriel Crouch, presents a novel retelling of the Orpheus legend.

This production is presented twice: on Friday, January 12, 2018 and on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 7:30PM. 

About the Artist:

CAST (in order of appearance):

Musica – Sarah Le Van and Solene Le Van

Orfeo - Sebastian Cox

Euridice – Shruthi Rajasekar / Hansini Bhasker

Messaggera – Caroline Zhao / Allison Spann

Speranza – Rebecca Singer / Amber Lin

Caronte – Damien Capelle

Proserpina – Kaamya Varagur / Catherine Sweeney

Plutone – Kyle Masson

Apollo - Ryan Melosini

Ninfa – Catherine Sweeney / Kaamya Varagur

Eco – Julia Mosby / Maddy Kushan

Pastori – Danny Pinto, Jonathan Makepeace, Jay Lee

Spiriti – Mark Martinez, Sam Duffey

Chorus of Nymphs and Shepherds - Cecilia Hsu, Joanna Zhang, Mariana Corichi Gomez, Megan Ormsbee, Sherry Romanzi, Neel Nagarajan, Samuel Stopford, Julius Foo, Kevin Williams.