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For University-wide COVID-19-related policies, including gatherings, meetings, and events guidelines and the visitor policy, please visit the University’s COVID-19 Guidelines Dashboard. 

All Music Department activities, including classes, ensemble rehearsals, performances, and studio lessons must also adhere to the EHS Current Guidelines for Aerosol Generating Performing Arts Activities, which are updated regularly.

Below are specifics and some FAQs on how COVID safety measures are affecting procedures at the Department of Music.

Face Coverings

ASTM Level 3 masks, instrument bell covers, and puppy pads for singing and breath-based music-making:

ASTM Level 3 masks (surgical masks for conditions where there is a high risk of fluid and spray of aerosol transmission), instrument bell covers, and puppy pads will be provided by the Music Department for all singing and breath-based music-making in classes, studio lessons, and faculty-led department ensemble rehearsals. Students can pick up these protective devices outside the administrative offices at 310 Woolworth.

Please see the University’s Guidance on Face Coverings for the most up-to-date campus policies.


Test kits are available for Music Department faculty and staff in 310 Woolworth and near the 2nd and 3rd-floor faculty and staff mailboxes in Effron.

Information on the University’s asymptomatic testing program is available here.

Updated as of March 17, 2022

Please note that all patrons are still required to:

  • attest to full (boosted if eligible) vaccination
  • wear masks while attending all indoor Department of Music events

We are committed to this policy in order to ensure the extended comfort of our community and the protection of our most vulnerable attendees.

Thank you for your sensitivity, kindness, and support as we all get ready for our dose of music!

How should ASTM Level 3 masks be worn for playing woodwind and brass instruments?

An ASTM Level 3 mask should be worn with a small slit cut into it to accommodate the mouthpiece. A second cloth mask can also be worn and pulled up and down to cover the mask opening during moments when you are not playing. Flute players should place the headjoint in between the mouth and mask, with the flute sticking out the side of the mask.

Are instrument bell covers reusable?

Yes, instrument bell covers are reusable. The MERV 13 filter inserts should be replaced after 2-3 months and will be provided by the Music Department.

What are puppy pads for?

Puppy pads should be placed on the floor and used for emptying brass instrument spit valves. Please dispose of puppy pads in the nearest trash can after use.