Declaring Your Major

Becoming a Music Major
Students declare their concentration in mid-April of the sophomore year in conference with the Departmental Representative, through the Office of the Registrar.
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Music Majors must take a full year of music theory (MUS 105-6 or 205-6) before entering the department. Students with extensive prior experience with music theory may attempt to place-out of the course by taking an exam organized by the course instructor. 

Early Concentration
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Students who have completed the departmental prerequisites early may begin departmental concentration during the sophomore year, engaging in independent work in the spring of the sophomore year. For more information, contact the Departmental Representative

Advanced Placement

The Department does not grant AP exam credit. If you wish to take a departmental course with prerequisites during your first year, please contact the course instructor.

Keep an eye out

Detailed information regarding the major declaration process will be e-mailed from the Office of the Dean of the College as your selection time approaches.