Effron Music Building: Lewis Arts Complex

Inside New Music Building
Effron Music Building at the Lewis Arts Complex
The Effron Music Building opened in Fall 2017 to supplement the Woolworth Center of Musical Studies, the center of our department, as part of the new Lewis Center for the Arts Complex. The Effron Music Building expands the resources available to our expanding performance programs.
Effron Music Building Overview

The three-story building includes a two-story, 3,500-square-foot, acoustically isolated Lee Rehearsal Room with soaring 30-foot ceilings and equipment for professional-quality audio recordings. An 800-square-foot jazz studies studio is one of several specialized teaching facilities in the Effron Music Building. A large number of acoustically advanced practice rooms and teaching studios are located on the second and third levels, featuring brand new pianos from Steinway & Sons. The practice rooms and teaching studios are suspended from the roof structure to assure sound isolation. Each teaching studio has room for a teacher, student and up to two grand pianos. Several rooms also include audio recording and playback systems.

The Princeton University Orchestra, Princeton University Sinfonia, Jazz at Princeton University, piano lessons, large-instrument lessons, and some small-instrument lessons are housed in the Effron Music Building. Graduate programs, academic classes, the Princeton University Glee Club, student ensembles, vocal lessons, and some small-instrument lessons continue to take place in the Woolworth Center. 

Effron Music Building Layout

Lee Rehearsal Room

Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) Studio


Instrument Storage Rooms


Box Office (Outside)

Jazz Studies Studio

Percussion Studio


Faculty, administration and fellow offices

Two Piano Teaching Studios

One Conference Room


Faculty and fellow offices

Four Teaching Studios

Harp Studio

Sixteen Practice Rooms (with pianos)