J.S. Bach

Selections from “Art of the Fugue,” BWV 1080

Anna Clyne

Breathing Statues (World Premiere)

Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet Op. 130 with Op. 133 “Grosse Fuge”

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"The Great Fugues"

Jeffrey Myers, Violin | Ryan Meehan, Violin | Jeremy Berry, Viola | Estelle Choi, Cello

Pianist Glenn Gould once said that “there's never been anything more beautiful in all of music" than Bach’s Art of the Fugue. What begins as a simple melody is gradually transformed into a tapestry of seemingly infinite multidimensions—a feat that has haunted composers and listeners for centuries. Beethoven wove Bach’s polyphonic thread into his own masterpiece, a work that in turn inspired GRAMMY-nominated composer Anna Clyne to write her latest composition, co-commissioned by PUC and fellow presenters around the country. Through this interconnected program, we will watch time unfold in the hands of performers who have also grown before our eyes. Having made their Princeton University Concerts debut alongside the Emerson String Quartet in 2015, the Calidore String Quartet recently made international headlines as the winners of the inaugural M-Prize, the world’s largest chamber music prize.  It is a thrill to welcome them back for their mainstage debut.