Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 6 in A Minor

Stuart B. Mindlin Memorial Concert

Event Info

This event has been canceled in response to the University's COVID-19 precautionary policies. More info>

The Princeton University Orchestra concludes its 2019-20 season with a mythical composition: Gustav Mahler's sixth symphony. This 1.5-hour-long work, in four movements, is a hair-raising, virtuosic masterpiece. Hauntingly autobiographical, it slowly unfurls its tragic drama. Against the backdrop of stretches of peaceful, shimmering beauty including the famous, soaring “Alma theme” (a portrait of the composer’s wife) and the bucolic calls of distant cowbells, prophetic hammer-blows of fate “fell [the hero] like the stroke of an axe.”

The program is presented on April 24 & 25, 2020. Tickets: $15 general/$5 students.

To stream the concert live, click here.

About the Artist:

Now in its 122nd year, the Princeton University Orchestra is a renowned, touring symphonic orchestra that plays a wide range of works by composers from the Classical period up through freshly composed works by Princeton composers. 

The Orchestra began with a group of professional musicians from the New York Symphony and Philharmonic Societies who performed a series of concerts at Alexander Hall in 1896, the first on February 13. In the ensuing century, the orchestra has come to be an almost exclusively student organization; some 90-100 undergraduate and graduate musicians representing a broad spectrum of academic departments come together for concerts in Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall.