Florent Ghys

The world's best piano pieces

Florent Ghys

The Four Suburban Seasons

Florent Ghys


Pascal Le Boeuf

Mirror Image

Andrew Lovett

Crossing Points

Gemma Peacocke


Anna Pidgorna

On the courtship displays of Birds-of-Paradise

Annika Socolofsky


Event Info

This Princeton Sound Kitchen concert showcases the intersection between modern composition and video projection, featuring new works by Princeton University composers Florent Ghys, Pascal LeBoeuf, Andrew Lovett, Gemma Peacocke, Anna Pidgorna, Cleek Schrey, and Annika Socolofsky.

About the Artist:

Princeton Sound Kitchen is a vital forum for the creation of new music. Serving the graduate student and faculty composers of the renowned composition program at Princeton University, PSK presents a wide variety of concerts and events. Some concerts are eclectic, and feature numerous soloists or groups and a mix of instrumentation, while others focus on a particular outstanding chamber ensemble. All demonstrate the extraordinary range of interests and abilities of the Princeton composers, many of whom take the stage themselves as performers of their own and others' music. Difficult to pigeon-hole, these composers might work with complex notation, improvisation, electronics, or vernacular music. One might encounter any of these approaches, and many others, at a PSK concert. Ensembles that have been featured at PSK include the Brentano String Quartet, the New Millennium Ensemble, So Percussion, the Now Ensemble, Newspeak, the Crash Ensemble, the Janus Trio, Roomful of Teeth, and many others.

Princeton Sound Kitchen is directed by Dan Trueman, composer and professor of music at Princeton, in collaboration with his staff and faculty colleagues and the graduate student composers. Michael Pratt is the resident conductor. Wally Gunn is the Program Coordinator.