Mary Lou Williams

Taylor Akin

Isadora Knutsen

Zach Paris

Kenny Taylor

Emily Liushen

Soo Yeon Lyuh

Mark Skepasts

Aaron Skepasts

Connor Stewart

Pranav Vadapalli

Daniela Vita 

and more

Selections to be announced from the stage.


Angelica Sanchez, Lecturer

Taylor Akin '23, Alto Saxophone

Isadora Knutsen '25, Guitar

Emily Liushen '22, Clarinet

Soo Yeon Lyuh, PhD student, Haegeum

Zach Paris '22, Piano

Mark Skepasts '22, Drums

Aaron Skepasts '22, Bass 

Connor Stewart '23, Princeton High School, Drums

Kenny Taylor '24, Piano

Pranav Vadapalli '25, Trombone

Daniela Vita '24, Guitar 

Event Info

Students in the course MPP 215: Projects in Jazz Performance, led by Angelica Sanchez, present a final recital. In this jazz studies course, students use jazz performance as a vehicle for creating themed compositions in various jazz idiom styles.

Free; onsite registration required. Please arrive early to register.

In accordance with university policy at this time: Please note that performers might not be wearing masks during this event. The new protocol (updated November 2021) requires unmasked performers to undergo COVID-19 testing three times in the week leading up to the event. All concert attendees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and to wear a mask indoors. We are unable to allow entry to unvaccinated children. 

About the Artist:

JAZZ AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY serves to promote this uniquely American music as a contemporary and relevant art form. Its goals are to convey the vast musical and social history of jazz, establish a strong theoretical and stylistic foundation with regard to improvisation and composition, and emphasize the development of individual expression and creativity. Offerings of this program include academic course work, performing ensembles, master classes, private study, and independent projects. Jazz at Princeton University thanks you for joining them on this evening’s journey of beauty, exploration, discovery, and hope.