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The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) presents the Norwegian ensemble The Parallax Trio. The group has a wide open approach to improvisation, and draws on a broad range of influences in their music – jazz, folk, electroacoustic, minimalism and noise. They are joined in "A Parallax View" by electronic musician Anders Tveit, who live-processes their performance electronically and moves their sound throughout the space using an array of speakers positioned around the audience.

A Parallax view features a 12-speaker setup in a circle in which the audience is placed. The speaker setup and live processing combined with the acoustic
sounds lets the audience experience being immersed in sound, and bypasses the conventional point-location of sound sources.

About the Artist:

Rather than belonging to any particular "school" of improvisation, Parallax' music is a blend of the members' musical preferences and influences with strong emphasis on interplay and listening. They have forged their own unique take on improvisation that seamlessly draws on an array of influences ranging from Asian folk musics to traditional jazz and abstract soundscapes. The strong focus on interplay gives the music a strong sense of form and direction, and the result is often perceived as being composed. Since forming the group in 2008, they have toured Norway, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Slovenia, Island, Faroe Islands, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. They have released three albums, “Live In The UK” on FMR,“Krutthuset” on PlingMusic and Den Tredje Dagen on NorCD.

Anders Tveit (f.1977) is a composer and musician working with different projects related to both electroacoustic composition and improvisation. Where the use of self-developed software for real-time processing and spatial audio has a central role in the personal musical expression.

As a musician, he has worked with everything ranging from the international renowned Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Audun Kleive, Shannon Mowday, Parallax, Pd-Conception to more ad-hoc improvisation duos.

He has composed multichannel electro-acoustic music works and sound installations featured and performed at Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, GRM-Paris, NoTaM, ZKM-Karlsruhe, NIME-London, CCRMA-Stanford, KlangFest -Liechenstein, Lydgalleriet-Bergen, Henie Onstad Art Center, Kunstnerenes Hus, University of Greenwich, Oslo Konserthus and more.