Joseph Haydn

Overture to L'isola disabitata ("The deserted island"), Hob. 28/9

John Cage

Living Room Music: I. To Begin

Luis Antonio Calvo


Antonio Vivaldi

Concerto in A Minor for Piccolo, RV 445: III. Allegro

Alessandro Troncoso ’25, piccolo

Marianna Martines

Overture to Isaac, the symbol of the Redeemer

Event Info

This event is open to members of the University testing pool (students, faculty, staff) only. Attendees will register onsite for contact tracing purposes.

Come enjoy 40 minutes of music performed by the Princeton University Sinfonia. The program features a nearly unknown orchestral overture by the pre-eminent, 18th-century Viennese composer, Marianna Martines. The Martines overture introduced an oratorio on the story of Abraham and Isaac to a libretto by her mentor, Pietro Metastasio. Haydn’s 1779 opera, The Deserted Island, also set a Metastasio libretto, and Sinfonia will share that opera’s fiery overture. The “pasillo” is a lively Columbian music and dance genre in three, and the Sinfonia winds will premiere an adaptation of Calvo’s Entusiasmo, a “pasillo” originally for piano. And, to highlight the outstanding musicianship of our newest class, Alessandro Troncoso (Class of 2025) performs the finale to Vivaldi’s Piccolo Concerto.

About the Artist:

The Princeton University Sinfonia is an exciting musical outlet for undergraduate and graduate student musicians. Expanding every year, the orchestra now averages 55 members and performs one concert each semester in Richardson Auditorium with additional, smaller performances scheduled each year. Ruth Ochs has conducted Sinfonia for the past seven seasons, and she has been joined by selected undergraduates pursuing the Music Department’s certificate in musical performance in conducting.

Past concerts have included symphonies by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Tchaikovsky, as well as works by Bach, Bartók, Brahms, Dvorak, and Stravinsky. In May 2009, Sinfonia with the Princeton University Jazz Ensemble, Anthony D.J. Branker, director, commissioned and premiered a new work by Laurie Altman called In Another Time. Designed to have a more modest time commitment than other ensembles, Sinfonia pursues a high level of musicianship while also emphasizing the enjoyable and memorable aspects of performing wonderful music with others.