Event Info

The Princeton Livestock Exchange, an evening of improvised performance designed to create musical dialogues between Princeton students and special visiting guest artists, proudly presents pop-art duo AND, comprised of cellist-singer Aliya Ultan, and trombonist-computer head, Daniel Ivan Bruno (AKA: Iván Decoud).

The event is free and open to the public and will be streamed at this link.

Hailing from Brooklyn and Buenos Aires, AND is the result of two city kids colliding in their efforts to explore the playful and haphazard noise of their respective upbringings. These classically trained musicians with professional careers in jazz, noise, contemporary music, and free improvisation, aim to break down boundaries and engage with whatever medium/media necessary to ignite collective sensibility.

About the Artist:

Aliya Ultan (b. 1996) is a composer/improviser, cellist and vocalist from Brooklyn, NY. Growing up periodically homeless with her mother, sister, and two cats, Aliya traveled across the U.S. and Canada performing as a musician, acrobat, and dancer with the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater, Les Filles Circus, the Ailey School, and the New York Philharmonic’s Very Young Composers Program. Emerging from a unique yet challenging childhood, Aliya utilizes her voice as a mechanism to communicate vulnerability that is unfettered by sociality. When in combination with her cello playing, Aliya uses both instruments to contort pitch centers and reconstruct sonic spaces. This has led her to create various techniques such as particular ways of detuning the cello to expand its range, allowing it to cross instrumental bounds. By rethinking certain mannerisms (assumptions) applied to the cello, Aliya has developed a new perspective on the anatomy of this instrument.

Daniel Ivan Bruno is a trombonist and sound artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Beginning his musical training in Jazz at the Conservatory Superior Manuel de Falla, Daniel has worked with Pablo Fenoglio (Soloist of the Teatro Colón), George Lewis, Peter Evans, Ingrid Laubrock, Tyshawn Sorey, Fay Victor, Okkyung Lee, Rodrigo Dominguez, Marc Ducret and Tony Malaby, among others. Focusing on the intersections of improvised music, composition, physical processes of instruments, noise, movement, and electronics, Daniel explores the manifoldness of sound and technique in diverse contexts. With a passion for media, nature, and technology, Daniel has created a large body of experimental work that evokes both human instinct and industrial innovation. Daniel continues to research ways in which he can deconstruct instrumental functions to find an individual identity as a soloist, collaborator, and sideman.