Materials and Making (M&M)


106 Music Theory Through Composition and Performance

204 Musical Instruments, Sound, Perception, and Creativity

205 Species Counterpoint

206 Tonal Syntax

209 Transformations in Engineering and the Arts

210 Beginning Workshop in Musical Composition

248 Music Cognition

270 Medieval and Renaissance Music from Original Notation

306 Understanding Tonality

308 Contemporary Music through Composition and Performance

309 Topics in Tonal Analysis

310 Advanced Workshop in Musical Composition

311 Jazz Theory through Improvisation and Composition I

312 Jazz Theory through Improvisation and Composition II

314 Computer and Electronic Music through Programming, Performance, and Composition

315 Symbolic Music Computing

316 Computer and Electronic Music Composition

319 Composition and Improvisation

329 The Composer/Performer

340 Advanced Concepts in Jazz Improvisation: Creating Fresh Vocabulary 

342 Beethoven's Piano Sonatas

345 Songs and Songwriting

Note that not all of these courses are offered every year, and some courses not listed here may be appropriate for one of these areas; consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies as needed.