COVID-19 Update: March 16

Published By: 
Wendy Heller
Mar 16, 2020

Dear All,

As we continue to adjust to these shifting circumstances, I am grateful for the understanding, flexibility, and strength of character that everyone in the Department of Music has contributed to make this adjustment as smooth as possible. While we will continue to hone our policies and practices throughout the remainder of this semester, we are settling into a few new operational procedures about which I would like to update you.

Building Access & Staffing

Both the Woolworth Center and the Effron Music Building will be open only to holders of active Princeton University IDs (faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduates registered to remain on campus) from 7AM-11:45PM, though we expect all users to honor the 8PM curfew announced today by Governor Murphy.   

We ask that you maintain strict social distancing protocols within both Woolworth and Effron; under no circumstances should you be meeting in person with colleagues or students. Teaching studios, practice rooms, and offices should be used sparingly and only by a single user; all Woolworth and Effron rehearsal spaces and recording studios are also closed until further notice.   

The administrative staff will be working remotely during business hours, 9AM-5PM, and will be available by phone at our usual extensions (through Jabber) and by email. All general inquiries can be directed to or 609-258-4241, and will be answered as quickly as possible.  

These policies are enforced to minimize the presence of individuals on campus, in accordance with both University and CDC policies. I ask for all of your help and cooperation in enforcing these social distancing protocols and reducing unessential activities both on and off our campus.

Continuing Our Commitment to Excellence

Our faculty and staff are preparing a transition to remote continuation of academic classes and instrumental and vocal instruction, which will begin when the semester resumes after spring break on March 23rd, 2020. We encourage students and faculty to stay in touch with one another this week as we prepare for online instruction. We are also making every possible effort to honor our commitments to our guest performers and studio instructors. The global music community has been severely impacted by these necessary but difficult policies, and we stand in solidarity with our fellow musicians. In the coming weeks, we will also continue to encourage an online community of educational activities to stimulate and further our intellectual curiosity, academic research, and shared passion. We will share those links and resources with you as they become available.


As always, we are here to provide support to and be a resource for everyone in our community. Please continue to reach out to members of our staff and faculty with any questions, concerns, or general musings; these lines of communication have not changed. I am also available to address any concerns you might have.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all of you for your patience, generosity, and support over the past couple of weeks as we grapple with this unprecedented situation. I am particularly grateful to the Department of Music staff, which has gone beyond all the calls of duty every step of the way. I am so proud of our Department and know that—together—we will get through this.  Take care of yourselves and one another!

As ever,

Wendy Heller

Scheide Professor of Music History

Chair, Department of Music

Director, Program in Italian Studies