Rudresh Mahanthappa's "Agrima" on New York Times' "Best Albums of 2017"

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Dasha Koltunyuk
Dec 7, 2017

It has been an exciting week for Jazz at Princeton University. On the heels of the Creative Large Ensemble's joining saxophone legend Archie Shepp on the Richardson Stage (a review by the prestigious jazz publication JazzTimes is available here), the program's director Rudresh Mahanthappa's latest and self-released album "Agrima" was featured in the New York Times' "Best Albums of 2017." 

"Mr. Mahanthappa, an alto saxophonist, writes along the divide between contemporary jazz and South Asian classical, always with a sense of acute direction and well-hewn architecture. But it’s his trio’s synergy that gives 'Agrima' what it needs: possibility, irony, tenderness."

Jazz at Princeton University continues to flourish next week with three concerts, all of which are free and open to all: the Jazz Vocal Improvisation Ensemble on Sunday, December 10; a MUS215: Projects in Jazz Performance course recital on Tuesday, December 12; and Jazz Ensemble X in Concert on Wednesday, December 13. 

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