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Donnacha Dennehy

Professor of Music; Director of Princeton Sound Kitchen
(609) 258-5880
My work focuses on composition, opera, experimental music theatre, overtone series, ensemble music.
Donnacha Dennehy is a composer whose music has featured in festivals and venues around the world.
Office: 209 Woolworth

Andrew Lovett

Research Specialist (Composition)
(609) 258-4249
My work focuses on Chamber opera, music-theatre, film-music, electroacoustic composition.
Lovett’s work is mostly focused on opera (“music-theater”) often combined with electronics. In addition, he composes chamber music and electroacoustic “soundscape” or acousmatic work.
Office: 203 Woolworth By Appointment

Steven Mackey

William Shubael Conant Professor of Music and Director of Graduate Studies (Composition)
(609) 258-4243
My work focuses on the exploration of quirky topographies and surprising continuities for human performers, including myself on electric guitar.
Steven Mackey is regarded as one of the leading composers of his generation.
Office: 222 Woolworth

Juri Seo

Associate Professor of Music
(609) 258-4244
My work focuses on Contemporary Music Composition.
A composer and pianist, Seo's music encompasses contrast through unified, fluid, yet complex compositions.
Office: 216 Woolworth

Jeff Snyder

Director of Electronic Music; Director of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra
(609) 258-3616
My work focuses on new instrument design, alternate tunings, composition, robotics, and networked performance practices.
Jeff Snyder is a composer, improviser and instrument-designer living in Princeton, New Jersey.
Office: 262 Alexander St.

Dan Trueman

Department Chair; Professor of Music
(609) 258-4245
My work focuses on Music Composition.
Dan Trueman is a composer, fiddler, and electronic musician.
Office: E208 Effron Music Building

Dmitri Tymoczko

Professor of Music
(609) 258-4255
My work focuses on Composition and Music Theory.
Dmitri Tymoczko (b. 1969, Cambridge, Massachusetts) is a composer and music theorist at Princeton University.
Office: Woolworth 208

Barbara White

Professor of Music
(609) 258-1443
My work focuses on the interaction of music and sound with text, moving bodies and moving images; the fluid boundary between everyday experience and art; the wonders of the sounding breath; and the role of the body, including the gendered body, in artistic activity.
Composer Barbara White has decades of experience in concert music as well as in interdisciplinary collaboration.
Office: 220 Woolworth