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Jazz Guitar Performance


More about Bruce Arnold

Guitarist Bruce Arnold’s passionate pursuit of new ideas and applications for his beloved six-string instrument has taken him from the minimalist landscapes of Sioux Falls, South Dakota to the bustling city of Boston, where he studied and later taught at the Berklee College of Music, to the hallowed halls of Princeton University, where he has been on the faculty for the past 24 years. Along the way, the music educator and author has managed to document his innovative ideas for guitar on a series of potent recordings that explore the notion of applying highly complex 12-tone theoretical constructs and serial methods to modern American improvised styles. As he wrote in the liner notes to his ambitious 1996 debut recording, Blue Eleven: “All of the work reflects my goal to achieve a balance between emotional expression and formal exploration.”


2002-2007 Private computer music studies using SuperCollider with Newton Armstrong

1982- 1987 Private Study in Composition and Improvisation with Charlie Banacos

1981-1984 Private Study in Composition and Improvisation with Jerry Bergonzi

1976-1981 Berklee College of Music B.M in Composition

1973-1975 University of South Dakota Music Major