My Work Focuses on: 
assisting patrons of Princeton University Concerts in myriad ways
My Other Interests Include: 
performance of 18th-century music on period instruments, visual arts,poetry  


Woolworth 304
(609) 258-5707
More about John Burkhalter

As a boy I was taken into Nassau Hall for the first time and my parents were amazed when I said I know this place... I have been interested  in old things ever since. Fun note: Cindy Masterson and I used to play together as kids. I came to the Concert Office to assist with a special early music project and like The Man Who Came to Dinner ... I stayed ... now ... some 16 years later.  As Cole Porter wrote in the stage play “What Am I to Do”.



Studied at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston

Recognition & Awards

Possessor of the most British paraphernalia in the Music Department.