My Work Focuses on: 
Chinese and Western music theories in the seventeenth century
My Other Interests Include: 
Film music, protest music, and text-music relationship.


More about Sheryl Man-Ying Chow

I received my MPhil in Musicology in 2012 from The University of Hong Kong, with a thesis on the relationship between speech tones and melody in Cantopop. I am writing a chapter on the intertextuality of Hong Kong’s protest music for the Oxford Handbook of Protest Music. For my dissertation project, I am studying the Chinese music treatise The Correct Principles of Music (律呂正義) as a site of epistemological mediation among different bodies of knowledge, including Chinese classical texts, Western mathematics and music theories, and empirical observations. 

Recognition & Awards

Center for Chinese Studies Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies (2019)

The Frank E. Taplin, Class of 1937, Fellowship in Music, Princeton University (2013/14)


Book Chapters

“An Intertextual Public Sphere: Protest Songs of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement in Cyberspace,” in The Oxford Handbook of Protest Music (New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

Conference Papers

“Remaking Music Theory: Seventeenth-Century Speculative Music in China,” The Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, Rochester 2017 (also presented at CHIME 2018 and CUHK 2018)

“A Musical Public Sphere: Hong Kong Protest Music in Cyberspace,” The Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Denver 2017

“The Changing View on Tuning and Temperament as Essence of Chinese Traditional Music in the 21st Century,” Essence and Context: A Conference Between Music and Philosophy, Vilnius, September 2016

“Gauwu (Shopping) Every Day” and the Violation of Urban Spatial Order in the Hong Kong ‘Shopping’ Protest,” The Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Austin 2015