My Work Focuses on: 
philosophy of music, humor and time, in conjunction with music theory and cognitive zoo-cultural musicology
My Other Interests Include: 
cats, oceans and sea-creatures, trains and writing poetry about apples. 


More about Zhoushu Herakleitos Ziporyn

Zhoushu Ziporyn is a Roy Dickinson Welch Fellow PhD student at Princeton University, focusing on the philosophy of music, humor and time, in conjunction with music theory and cognitive zoo-cultural musicology. Winner of various awards, including the Nicola De Lorenzo Prize for Music Composition, the Eisner Music Award, The Matthew William Fisher Memorial Award, Alfred Hertz Traveling Scholarship and nominee of the Theatre Bay Area Award for his theatre work in San Francisco. Member of Phi Betta Kappa. Zhoushu has been taught the traditional art of Kyōgen under master Tōjiro Yamamoto, culminating in a hired performance with the Yamamoto family themselves at the National Nō Theater of Japan. After graduating UC Berkeley with a double-major BA (with high distinction) in both Music (Department Citation) and Philosophy, Zhoushu continues to learn from and perform with the Yamamoto company at various venues in Japan to the present, while also actively learning Gagaku music and the shō under the tutelage of gagaku players from the Imperial Household Agency. His philosophical essay on Zhuangzi’s “Butterfly Dream” was published (2017) in Brown University’s philosophy journal, A Priori, and his original post-modern cantata “Star Wars Palimpsest” was published (2018) in UC Berkeley’s Arts and Design journal. As a bicultural amphibian, spanning the SF Bay Area to Tokyo, his pieces have been premiered and recorded by many artists, including harpsichordist Davitt Moroney and guitarist Daisuke Suzuki. As a heartfelt continuation on the theme of “mutual symbiosis” from his government funded research at Tsukuba University in his childhood, he hopes to curate and develop a synergetic culture and discourse that sees the arts and the sciences as two dialoguing cultures, with special inspiration from the Japanese Kagura traditions.  


Recognition & Awards

2019            Nominee of the Theatre Bay Area Award

2017            Roselyn Schneider Eisner Music Prize, University of California Berkeley

2017            Departmental Citation in Music and the Mathew William Fisher Memorial Award,                                    University of California Berkeley   

2017            B.A. With High Distinction, University of California Berkeley  

2017            Completed honors thesis with Prof. Ken Ueno

2017            Member of Phi Beta Kappa

2016            Nicola De Lorenzo Prize in Music Composition, University of California Berkeley

2016            The Alfred Hertz Memorial Traveling Scholarship, University of California Berkeley



 “Uncertainty, Detachment, and Zhuang Zhou’s Butterfly,” A Priori: The Brown Journal of Philosophy,  vol. 2, April 2017.


“Star Wars Palimpsest (Multi-media post-modern cantata),” University of California Berkeley Arts and Design Initiative’s 2017 Undergraduate Arts + Design Publication,  March 2018


“大きな力を導く小さな共生関係 (A Small Symbiotic Relationship That Yields Great Power, A Study of Plant Galls),” Tsukuba Journal Biology Vol.10 No.6, June 2011,  ISSN 1347-7048.