Certificates in Music

Certificate Programs

The Department of Music offers two certificates: one through the Program in Performance, and one through the Program in Jazz. A Certificate in Music Theater is offered through the Lewis Center for the Arts' Program in Music Theater.

Princeton University Department of Music
Certificate in Music Performance
For our most devoted musicians and composers - whether they are considering a professional career, or simply wishing to realize their full potential as artists - we offer a certificate program in music performance which gives students the framework and resources to immerse themselves in private study. Students in this program can focus on vocal/instrumental/conducting performance, electronic music, and composition. Over the years, numerous graduates of the program have gained entrance to top conservatories and have gone on to successful performing careers. For others, the program has served as a way to reach the highest level of musical excellence and fulfillment for its own reward.
Jazz Saxophone
Certificate in Jazz Studies
The Program in Jazz Studies is dedicated to providing an educational forum for the study of the performance practices and rich cultural legacy of jazz. It provides student performers and composers (and others interested in the tradition) with the opportunity to study jazz by way of a wide range of course offerings, and to perform in one of the many jazz ensembles, participate in master classes, study privately, and to pursue independent projects. Jazz performers are welcome to pursue both a Certificate in Jazz Studies, and a Certificate in Music Performance.
Program in Music Theater
Certificate in Music Theater
Under the auspices of the Lewis Center for the Arts, the Program in Music Theater brings together students, faculty, and guest artists in the creation, study, and performance of music theater.