Professional Development

Graduate Students
are encouraged to become active in their field, attend conferences, pursue research, and gain teaching experience through Assistantships in Instruction.
Teaching Experience
Princeton University Students

All Graduate Students teach as course preceptors during their five years at Princeton through Assistantships in Instruction, often starting in the third year. Training is provided through the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. Preceptors usually teach 2-4 semesters over the course of their enrollment, and are assigned according to academic needs. Preceptors teach sections, grade papers, and work closely with faculty mentors, receiving additional fellowship. 


Letters can be sent for jobs and fellowships at students' request, from dossier files maintained by the Academic Programs Administrator. Students should ask faculty members to write letters of recommendation for their dossier in the fourth year of study. Please contact the Academic Programs Administrator, and complete a release form, to begin this process. 

Job Announcements

are posted through the Graduate Student listserv or bulletin board (Woolworth 2nd floor). The Chronicle of Higher Education is available in Woolworth Room 311.

External Fellowships

help support Graduate Students' education and research efforts. For a list of available fellowships, click here