Printing Services

Photocopying & Faxing: 

Graduate students have access to the photocopy machine.  The machine is available for student’s professional use between the hours of 2:00 - 4:45 p.m.  While there is a small fee for personal use, handouts or other materials for precepts, seminars and coursework will not be billed. Please see the Department Business Manager for further information. For photocopy services information and a complete list of all copier locations and acceptable payment methods, please click here. Graduate students may also use the fax machine during working hours.


Music Majors and students in the Certificate Programs who wish to print materials for their junior/senior recitals may have access to the Department's printer for printing program notes and letter-size posters. For further information, please contact Greg Smith

For other printing needs, please visit the University's Print & Mail Services