Spring 2021: Lessons & Practice Rooms


Accessing Practice Rooms
We are developing new protocols for practice room access for students on campus in the Spring 2021 semester. These policies, which we will continue to refine throughout the semester, are in coordination with University administration to maximize practice room availability while adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols. Thank you for your compliance and feedback!


  • All studio lesson instruction will remain virtual for the entirety of the semester. 

  • Our goal is for students to have access to a practice room for their weekly virtual lesson in addition to limited practice time as outlined in the timeline below. 

  • Space access previously granted to students during the fall 2020 semester will end on Friday, January 22 in preparation for the spring 2021 semester.

  • Cleaning products and instructions for use will be available in each practice room. 

Questions & Feedback?

Please contact Ryan Dalton with any questions about accessing practice room facilities, studio lesson policies, and other related queries. Your feedback is also most welcome!

Studio Instructors

Please schedule lessons with your students as soon as possible. It would be helpful to keep your lessons with your students on the same day and time each week to ensure we can provide a space for the lesson. 

Studio lessons may begin as early as Monday, February 1, 2021.

Students Enrolled in Lessons

Please submit this FORM by Wednesday, January 27 to convey the agreed upon day, time, and duration of your weekly lesson so that we may assign and schedule a practice room. 

Students who sign up for lessons after January 27 should submit this form as soon as possible after confirming their weekly lesson time with their studio instructor.


With evolving variables and shifting information, this proposed timeline may change. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility and will do our best to keep you informed. 


February 1-26: All practice rooms in Woolworth and Effron will be utilized solely for virtual lessons as well as practice time for the following large instruments: piano, harp, harpsichord, double bass, tuba, jazz percussion, and classical percussion.

February 1: First day that lessons may begin.

February 1-2: Students enrolled in lessons practicing large instruments (see list above) may sign up to practice for a capped number of hours in a practice room. Look for an email from the department on February 1 with information on how to sign up for practice time - please email Deborah Koenigsberg at music@princeton.edu if you have not received the email by 5:00 pm. The amount of allotted hours will be determined by the number of students on campus who are enrolled in spring semester lessons. 

Friday, February 12: Registration for spring semester lessons will close. 

February 17-19: Music majors, certificate students, and music graduate students can sign up for additional time in practice rooms for a capped number of hours. Look for an email from the department on February 17 with information on how to sign up for practice time. Additional practice time slots begin on Monday, March 1. 

February 22-24: All students enrolled in lessons can sign up for any remaining practice room time for a capped number of hours. Additional practice time slots begin on Monday, March 1. 

By Monday, March 1: We aim to finalize practice room assignments and all room schedules. This schedule will also incorporate time blocks during which practice rooms must remain empty, allowing for sufficient air circulation according to guidelines set by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.