MUS258: Music of Africa
V. Kofi Agawu

Introduction to the vocal and instrumental music of Africa, south of the Sahara.

MUS239: Sound and Place

What is the relationship between sound and place? How do we experience the everyday sounds of our acoustic environment? What stories can sound tell? This course invites students to engage with Princeton's soundscape.

MUS234: Music of the Baroque

A survey of musical styles and performance traditions in European music from approximately 1600-1750, including the music of Monteverdi, Scarlatti, Handel, Rameau, and Bach.

MUS232: Music in the Renaissance
Rob Wegman

General historical survey of European Art Music in the period 1400-1600, covering such composers as Dufay, Ockeghem, Josquin, Byrd, Palestrina, Lasso, etc.

MUS219: Opera Performance

Vocal and instrumental students will rehearse and perform complete operas or evenings of select opera scenes in Richardson Auditorium with full orchestra.

MUS218: Making Tunes
Dan Trueman
Iarla Ó Lionáird

A performance and creative course focusing on the rich and multifaceted relationships between song, melody and text. We will learn and study a diverse range of songs from around the world and in many genres.

MUS215: Projects in Jazz Performance
Ralph Bowen

A performance course that focuses on the development of style, concept, and repertoire in the jazz idiom. Students are coached by faculty in extended projects in performance.

MUS213: Projects in Instrumental Performance: Chamber Music
Geoffrey Burleson
Elaine Christy
Jayn Rosenfeld
Jo-Ann Sternberg
Nancy Wilson
Eric Wyrick

Instrumental chamber music class of the standard repertory of the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Preparation for performance of ensembles.

MUS205: Species Counterpoint
Steven Mackey

To lay the foundations for a thorough understanding of the principles of linear structure and voice-leading through the study of species counterpoint. Twice weekly exercises will lead to a complete 4-5 voice Mass Movement as a final project.

MUS105: Music Theory through Performance and Composition
Barbara White

Music 105 is a comprehensive introduction to music theory. Our emphasis is on the theoretical principles of four-part harmony as exemplified in Western art music; areas of inquiry include rhythmic materials, melodic patterning, and formal design.

MUS103: Introduction to Music
Simon A. Morrison

Music 103 is an introduction to Western Art Music (works from 1100 to the present). The course defines the basic elements of music - pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, and form - and the historically significant styles and genres of composition.

DAN304: Special Topics in Contemporary Practice: Music and Dance: Choreographing Collaboration
Jason Treuting

Join choreographer Susan Marshall and composer/percussionist Jason Treuting in creating and performing music and dance works with your classmates. Explore approaches to playful cross-disciplinary collaboration. How can one medium enhance another?