All students can search for funding opportunities through the University’s central funding resource: SAFE.

Graduate Students: The Bryan Fund supports the travel and equipment needs of graduate students during their period of enrollment, including DCE status (Years 1-5 for Composition and Years 1-6 for Musicology). To apply for these funds:

  • Go to SAFE and search for “Bryan Fund” to access the application.
  • Please include a detailed explanation and budget in your application, including the inclusion of any receipts and booking confirmations.
  • Your application will then be routed to your Director of Graduate Study for approval. Once funding is awarded, you will receive an email from SAFE with instructions to accept the funds, which will be deposited into the bank account on record with Princeton University (or through a check if you do not have a bank account on record).
  • If your funds will be used towards travel (domestic or international), you must also complete a travel enrollment through Enroll My Trip. Funds will not be awarded if the travel enrollment is not approved.
  • You may contact the Business Manager for your Bryan Fund balance at any time.

For additional information on departmental funding, please contact the Business Manager.

Effron Music Building

Practice rooms are available automatically to Princeton University

  • Undergraduate music majors, certificate students, Department-led ensemble participants, and students enrolled in studio lessons.
  • Music Graduate Students
  • Music Faculty & Staff

Woolworth Center

Department of Music members (as listed above) have automatic access to practice rooms through their Princeton University ID.

All other members of the Princeton University community may request access using the request form on our Facilities & Venues page.

Woolworth Center

Student groups may request space in the Woolworth Center through the EMS web app. Once a request is approved by Department staff and you receive a confirmation email, you may access the space. View spaces available for request on our Facilities & Venues page.

Effron Music Building & Taplin Auditorium

Please contact the Production Manager.

A limited number of musical instruments are available for loan to Department of Music majors and certificate students, graduate students, and students participating in studio lessons or official ensembles. For more information, contact the Program Manager in Performance Activities.

All requests must be made to the Technical Support Manager. Available software includes Sibelius and SoundTrap; available equipment includes:

All Department-affiliated students (graduate, majors, certificate, studio lesson and ensemble participants) automatically have access to Department buildings once their department affiliation has been confirmed. Other members of the Princeton University community may request access through the form on our Facilities & Venues page.

All Princeton University students, regardless of Department-affiliation, are welcome to participate in our faculty-led ensembles. Visit our Ensembles Page to learn more about audition/sign-up periods, rehearsal schedules, and more.

All Princeton University students, regardless of Department-affiliation, are welcome to sign-up for lessons with our Studio Faculty. Visit our Studio Lessons page to learn more about sign-up periods, fees and subsidies, and more.

The use of the recording studio is reserved for undergraduate students who have completed MUS 316: Computer and Electronic Music Composition; and for graduate students who have received the prerequisite training. For more information, contact the Director of Electronic Music.

Graduate students (through Year 5) may request the assistance of the department’s audio engineer to capture a recording once per academic year. Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis, dependent on availability. Please note that requests for recordings that fall outside the busiest times of each semester are more likely to be approved. For more information, including the possibility of bringing an independent audio engineer, contact the Production Manager.

Photocopying & Faxing

Graduate students have access to the photocopy machine.  The machine is available for student’s professional use between the hours of 2:00 – 4:45 p.m.  While there is a small fee for personal use, handouts or other materials for precepts, seminars and coursework will not be billed. Please see the Business Manager for further information. For photocopy services information and a complete list of all campus copier locations and acceptable payment methods, please visit the Princeton University Library. Graduate students may also use the fax machine during working hours.


Music Majors and students in the Certificate Programs who wish to print materials for their junior/senior recitals may have access to the Department’s printer for printing program notes and letter-size posters. For further information, please contact us.

For other printing needs, please visit the University’s Print & Mail Services.

To add a Department-sponsored event to the Department of Music’s Calendar, please use this form. To share information about a non-Department event, please contact the Marketing & Outreach Manager.

Printed posters and digital slides are great ways of publicizing your event around campus. For guidelines about poster/slide design and production, please see the Student Recital Policies & Procedures page.

Effron Music Building

Instrument lockers are available to Princeton University

  • students enrolled in studio lessons in Effron
  • members of faculty-led Department of Music ensembles rehearsing in Effron

Woolworth Center

Instrument lockers are available to Princeton University

  • Music Majors & Certificate Students
  • Music Graduate Students
  • Students taking studio lessons in Woolworth
  • Members of faculty-led Department of Music ensembles rehearsing in Woolworth

Lockers may be requested through submitting the appropriate form on our Facilities & Venues page.

Department of Music graduate students and faculty members may request edits to the profile that appears on this website’s online directory at any time, using the form below:

Whether you would like to voice a concern, share your experience, or simply get to know the Department Chair, you may schedule a meeting through our Office Assistant.

All Department-affiliated events, regardless of location, must be scheduled by contacting the Production Manager. For more information about Program in Performance and thesis recitals, please visit our Student Recital Policies & Procedures page.