Composer Juri Seo’s Lost Songs Find Their Voices in Princeton

Published by Susan Van Dongen / U.S. 1 News

From a profile in U.S.1 News:

In the notes for her newest composition “Lost Songs,” Juri Seo, the composer and Princeton University composition faculty member writes, “We live in cycles, with birth and death being the primary conditions of our existence. The simple act of breathing encapsulates the cyclic nature of life.” 

“Song does too, though perhaps in a more abstract way. In song, a call awaits a response; in song, silence is broken and inevitably restored,” she writes.

This new piece for violin, clarinet, and piano, was written for a handful of musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Commissioned for Princeton University Concerts’ 125th anniversary, “Lost Songs” will be presented as part of Gustavo Dudamel’s Artist-in-Residence series. The premiere of the piece will be Monday, January 7, part of a program titled and themed “Art and Faith.”


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