Music Mentors

NameCara Turnbull


Fifth Year


Bachelors of Music at Ithaca College studying Performance (Double Bass) and Sound Recording Technology; Masters of Arts at Stanford University studying Music, Science, and Technology

About me:

I have experience studying music from both a performance perspective and an academic one (and experience with transitioning between the two and maintaining a balance of both). I also love sci fi/space, sewing/crafting, and my dog Quasar.

Member of PUO and Sinfonia, affiliated with Program in Cognitive Science and the Center for Digital Humanities

How have I benefitted from mentorship?

Throughout my academic career, I had amazing mentors that helped me navigate all kinds of decisions, such as changing majors (twice!) and applying to grad school (also twice...). I think it's so important to have people who are invested in learning about your goals and helping you achieve them, or sometimes even helping you think through what your goals are in the first place.

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