On Princeton’s Homepage: A Feature on the Course “Venice, Theater of the World”

Feature by by Danielle Alio, Office of Communications; additional reporting by Jamie Saxon, Office of Communications

“This semester, students in several Princeton courses were able to turn spring break into a global classroom experience, deepening their understanding of concepts and cultures learned on campus. The video above highlights two such opportunities — one that took students to Venice, Italy, and the other to Kenya.

The course “Venice, Theater of the World” was co-taught by Princeton professors Wendy Heller, the Scheide Professor of Music History, chair of the Department of Music and director of the Program in Italian Studies, and Jamie Reuland, assistant professor of music. [Learn more about the “Venice, Theater of the World” course and trip.]

“We chose to focus the course on Venice because it is just such an exciting and beautiful city with a very rich history,” Heller said. “Since Professor Reuland and I have both worked here for our research, we felt that we wanted students to come to know the city from all of its aspects, not just as scholars, but as human beings, and to embrace the culture in the way that we’ve embraced it.”

The course, which covered art, music and literature, was cross-listed in music, the Program in European Cultural Studies and the Program in Hellenic Studies.”


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