Private Studio Instruction


Spring 2022 Studio Lesson & Practice Room Policies

We are developing new protocols for practice room access for students on campus in the Spring 2022 semester.

Please access the new policies HERE>

Princeton University Department of Music
The Department offers individual studio instruction in all areas of instrumental and vocal study with a stellar studio performance faculty, drawn from the leading performers and teachers of the region. Students enrolled in lessons have access to the Department's many practice rooms and instrument lockers. All students are welcome to begin lessons in both the fall and spring semesters, and will receive ten lessons per semester. To enroll in lessons, please click the "lesson sign-up" link below.
Princeton University Department of Music
Earning Credit for Lessons
Music Majors and Certificate Students can earn up to two academic credits for private studio instruction by enrolling in MUS 298 (Fall) and MUS 299 (Spring): Independent Instruction in Voice or Instrument. In addition to enrolling through the Registrar's Office, all students must sign up for lessons through the Music Department during the course-selection period. Students must complete both MUS 298 and MUS 299 in the same academic year to receive one course unit of credit. This allows for the extraordinary opportunity of incorporating in-depth performance study into your academic career.
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Financial Aid
Music concentrators and students in the Program in Music Performance will receive full subsidies for their lessons. Students in faculty-led ensembles will receive 50% subsides towards lesson cost for their relevant instrument or voice. Students of instruments not represented in faculty-led ensembles (e.g. piano, guitar) are also eligible for subsidies. The Music Department will provide additional financial assistance for aid-eligible students. However, priority will be given to students involved in the Music Department, such as those in as faculty-led ensembles and those preparing for entrance into the Program in Music Performance. Additional assistance will depend upon the availability of funds in any given semester.