Yousun Chung Performance Faculty: Oboe
Brennan Sweet Performance Faculty: Violin
Julius Tolentino Performance Faculty: Saxophone
Arnie Tanimoto Performance Faculty: Viola da gamba, Baroque Cello
Anna Yu Wang Assistant Professor of Music
Mark DeChiazza Edward T. Cone Visiting Fellow in the Humanities Council and Department of Music (Fall 2022)
Stacey Shames Performance Faculty: Harp
Matthew Melore Performance Faculty: Classical Trombone
Tomoko Fujita Performance Faculty: Cello
Nathalie Joachim Assistant Professor of Music; Interim Director, Princeton Sound Kitchen
Tyondai Braxton Assistant Professor of Music
Solon Snider Sway Lecturer in Music Directing and Choral Programs
Robert Wagner Performance Faculty: Bassoon
Dmitri Tymoczko Professor of Music
Rob C. Wegman Associate Professor of Music
Barbara White Professor of Music
Eric Wyrick Performance Faculty: Violin
Wendy Young Early Music Specialist, Performance Faculty: Harpsichord; Director of Early Music Princeton
Nancy Wilson Performance Faculty: Violin
Jeffrey O. Snyder Director of Electronic Music; Director of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra
Juri Seo Associate Professor of Music; Director of Graduate Studies (Composition)
Sarah Shin Performance Faculty: Flute
Adam Sliwinski Sō Percussion: Ensemble - in - Residence
Gavin Steingo Professor of Music; Director of Undergraduate Studies