Senior Spotlight: Anson Jones ’22

Anson Jones, a vocalist, pianist, and composer from New York City, performed with the Jazz Small Group I and Creative Large Ensemble while also pursuing Certificates in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. For her senior thesis in the Department of Music, she wrote a suite of songs for voice, piano, guitar, bass, and string quartet titled “City Veins.” Outside of the classroom, Anson has most enjoyed sketching, painting, reading, singing with her acapella group, and building relationships with people she cares about. Her favorite spot on campus is the Chancellor Green Library for its dramatically beautiful woodwork and stained glass windows.

“From my time at Princeton, I am most proud of how much I’ve explored different topics and fields, how much I’ve learned about what my real passions are, and how much I’ve discovered about who I am.”

Favorite tracks: D’yer Mak’er, Back to Love (Bilal), Nicolette (Kenny Wheeler)Never Will I Marry (Nancy Wilson), She’s Always in my Hair

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