Student Recital Policies & Procedures

Jazz Vocal Ensemble

Please read this important information related to Program in Performance (“PIP”) and Thesis recitals.

We look forward to assisting you with the production of your student recital! The guidelines listed below are mandatory for all Department-sponsored student recitals, and outline the timeline and requirements for booking, marketing, and producing your event. Make sure to read through these carefully, and do not hesitate to contact us should any questions arise.

Please note that Taplin Auditorium in Fine Hall is the designated venue for all Department of Music student recitals. If you are interested in using a different space on or off campus, please be in touch with the Production Manager prior to making arrangements.

Dates and times for available recitals will be published towards the start of the fall semester. Senior recitals will be booked first, prioritizing seniors completing their Certificate in Performance senior recital requirement; any remaining dates will then be made available to juniors. Please note that in the interest of maximizing the attendance at all events, the Music Department avoids, if at all possible, scheduling more than one event during the same time, even if they are in different venues.

A form to book your PIP recital will be live on this page shortly; check back soon.

When you book your recital date, you can indicate any extra technical production needs you may have. These might include the use of large instruments that will need to be delivered to the recital location, extra set-up/soundcheck time, click-tracks, audio playback, amplification, audio processing, and requests for use of prepared piano. If these needs arise after your date is confirmed, please make sure to contact the Production Manager as soon as possible; last-minute requests may not be able to be accommodated.

Day of Recital: The house opens 30 minutes prior to the recital start time. Students can warm-up/sound-check for an hour (classical) or two hours (jazz) prior to the house-opening-time.

Prior Rehearsal: If you would like additional time during which to familiarize yourself with the concert venue, piano, and acoustics, please contact the Production Manager at least two weeks prior to your requested rehearsal time. This extra rehearsal time will be offered once all recitalists have confirmed dates, and based on venue and staff availability.

Seniors are encouraged to advertise their Program in Performance Recital by creating and distributing a printed poster, and have access to professional printing services (50 copies) for this purpose. Senior recital posters will also be displayed on the Department’s screens at the Woolworth Center and Lewis Arts Complex.

All other students are participating in a Department-sponsored event are welcome to create a recital poster, but are responsible for the poster’s design and printing.

Poster Design Guidelines:

Unless you feel comfortable with design software, please use Canva, a free online design platform, to design your recital poster. After making a free account on the site, click on the “custom dimensions” box on the upper right corner of the homepage. Set those dimensions to 17×11 inches (horizontal poster) or 11×17 inches (vertical poster). Choose one; this will be your printed poster size.

All posters advertising Department-sponsored events must include the following:

  • The Music Department logo, with the text “” under the logo.
  • Proper name of venue, including both auditorium and hall (e.g. Taplin Auditorium, Fine Hall)
  • Full date (day of week, month, date, year)
  • Full name, class year, and instrument(s) of all performers
  • Basic program information (at least a list of composers)
  • The poster must specify that the event is “Free, Unticketed”

Posters that do not follow the above guidelines may be removed.

When you have designed your poster, save/download it as a “PDF Print” and check the box “crops & bleeds.” (This will be the file sent to the printer).

If you want your poster to be displayed across screens/kiosks on campus, you’ll need to resize your poster to 16×9 inches (horizontal) and 9×16 inches (vertical). Once resized, save each of these files as a JPEG file. To have your poster displayed on all campus screens, you’ll want to submit both poster sizes.

The poster draft must be submitted for Department approval and printing no later than four weeks before the concert using the form below. Posters not sent within this time frame will not be printed by the Department.

Please use this form to submit your poster design:
MM slash DD slash YYYY
This is the file that will be sent to the printer. Please ensure that the file includes crops and bleeds.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.
This is the file that will be included on campus screens and online marketing. Both sizes: 16×9 inches (horizontal) and 9×16 inches (vertical) are ideal.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 50 MB.
This is the file that will be included on campus screens and online marketing. Both sizes: 16×9 inches (horizontal) and 9×16 inches (vertical) are ideal.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 50 MB.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Printed programs are distributed at all Department-sponsored events. All seniors in the Program in Performance Certificate are required to write program notes for each piece on their recital; singers must include song texts and translations as well.

Seniors are responsible for drafting and editing their own programs to be professionally printed.

The Department covers the cost of a program booklet.

Visit this document for a detailed how-to on creating your program in Canva. This also includes a Senior PIP Program template.

The final program must be submitted for Department approval and printing no later than two weeks before the concert using the form below. Programs not sent within this time frame will not be printed by the Department.

Program PDF Submission

MM slash DD slash YYYY
PDF File for Printing. This is the file that will be sent to the printer. Crops and bleeds are NOT needed. Be sure the file is 8.5×11 inches.
Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.

Your program text, included a list of works to be performed, bios for all recital participants, and program notes, must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to your recital using the form below. Please use the following as a reference:

For classical recitals:

COMPOSER (composer’s dates)ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810-1856)
Name of Piece, Op./cat.# (if applicable)Märchenbilder, Op. 113
Listing of MovementsNicht schnell
Other performer(s), InstrumentAlbert Einstein, Piano
Estimated duration (by movement)Durations: 3 – 4 – 3 – 5 min

For jazz recitals:

Title of PieceDuke Ellington!s Sound of Love
ComposerCharles Mingus
Arranger (if applicable)Arr: Jack Walrath
Estimated durationDuration: 12 minutes

All Senior Program in Performance Recitals and Senior thesis performances taking place in Taplin Auditorium are audio recorded by the Music Department’s Audio Specialist. If you are interested in recording at an alternate venue, please bring this to the Production Manager’s attention in advance. Students who would like to record a junior recital, or to video-record their recital, are welcome to make their own arrangements. A list of recommended recordists is available upon request, and a video camera is available for students to borrow. (Visit the Student Resources page for available equipment).

Please note that for all video recording in Taplin:

  • Cameras must be set up behind the last row of seats, leaving at least a three-foot passage between the camera/tripod and the wall.
  • No audio or video cords may be run across the aisle (there is a receptacle outlet available that does not create a tripping hazard – you can ask the Stage Manager to show you where it is).
  • No recording equipment of any kind can obstruct the view of the audience.

Taplin recordings will be archived in the Mendel Library at the Woolworth Music Center. A digital copy of the recording will be provided to the recitalist by the Audio Specialist. All public performances in Taplin Auditorium are live-streamed.

Please note that this recording is for private use only. University restrictions and U.S. copyright law do not allow distribution or sales of the recording.

Certificate Student Reed Hutchinson presented a streamed senior recital during the pandemic.