Music Performance

MPP 298: Independent Instruction in Voice or Instrument (Non-credit)

Independent instruction in voice or instrument is an intensive immersion in all aspects of recreating music for performance. Lessons are geared towards the development and embedding of solid technique, and the application of this technique to proper style and musical expression. Issues explored include but are not limited to interpretation, stylistic appropriateness, historical context, theoretical/syntactical underpinnings, the avoidance of injuries, audition and performance strategies, and career planning.

MPP 213: Projects in Instrumental Performance: Chamber Music

Instrumental chamber music class of the standard repertory of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Preparation for performance of ensembles. Each ensemble’s repertoire will be determined in consultation with the instructors during the first week of classes.

MPP 219: Opera Performance

This is a workshop course, taught by conductor Gabriel Crouch and director Mark deChiazza, focusing on the new opera Olagón, composed by Dan Trueman with text by Paul Muldoon. 8-12 students will form a ‘vocal consort’ which will form a central character in the opera, with other roles filled by various visiting artists including Iarla Ó Lionáird (voice). There will also be places on the course for a small instrumental ensemble.

MPP 231: Princeton University Steel Band

The course will teach students the basics of playing the steel drum as well as delve deeply into the historical context behind the development of the steel drum as the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

MPP 252: Jazz Fundamentals II

This 12-week performance course builds on MPP 251 to work toward fluency in the language of jazz and the navigation of standard song forms through the study of classic improvisations. The course will focus on developing listening acuity, vocabulary, memory, analysis, and historical grasp of the music’s evolution in the mid 20th century. By the end of the course, students should be able to improvise through a variety of forms with technical competence and confidence in their ability to produce melodies spontaneously.