Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Statement of Purpose

The Department of Music is aligned with Princeton University’s institutional commitment to the advancement of EDI initiatives and efforts. Echoing the university’s official commitment to EDI efforts, we as a department will endeavor to bring renewed energy to structural change that makes our department more demographically diverse, more inclusive and accessible, more accountable, and more self-aware. We pledge to devote resources, including but not limited to funding, expertise, training, and collaboration, to this sustained effort.

In the fall of 2020, the Department commissioned a process involving external consultants and confidential listening sessions to provide an opportunity for members of our community to speak openly about their experiences in the Department without fear of repercussion or identification. The goals of the confidential listening sessions and report (which summarizes the common themes, issues, and experiences that surfaced during the sessions) were to create a safe space for faculty, staff, and students to voice their concerns and to provide a pathway for the feedback to reach the community. We recognize that the themes represented in the listening sessions and report do not necessarily reflect the experiences and opinions shared by the entire community, but this process gave us a strong place to start addressing past and ongoing issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Department. The Department is committed to creating more opportunities for formal and informal feedback, guidance, discussion, and participation between and among staff, faculty, and students.

Members of the Princeton community may learn more about the key takeaways and next steps for the Department. More information regarding the high-level themes that emerged from the listening session process as well as ongoing EDI efforts in the Department of Music will be updated on this newly created landing page dedicated to communication surrounding EDI initiatives and resources for our community.