Gioachino Rossini

Petite messe solennelle

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Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle is a heart-warming and celebratory work, full of Rossinian quirks and bursting with humor, charm and sincerity, scored modestly for small choir, two pianos and harmonium. Rossini’s commentary on the work sheds some light on this paradox, and reveals a man of touching modesty and self-awareness, every bit as charming as his music: “Good God; there we have it – complete – this poor little Mass. Is it really sacred music, or is it really abominable music? [Rossini is punning on the word sacrée, meaning both ‘holy’ and ‘damned’]. I was born for Opera Buffa as well thou knowest. Little skill, a little heart, and that is all…”

About the Artist:

The Chamber Choir is a select group of 25-30 mixed voices that sings a range of challenging music from the Renaissance period through the twenty-first century. Most of the choir’s membership also sings in the Princeton University Glee Club.  This ensemble performs in concert with the Glee Club as well as on a separate concert series, and is frequently invited to perform off campus. Because of the advanced repertoire and relatively light rehearsal load, a Chamber Choir member possesses a high level of musicianship, and normally has some experience of high level choral singing. Recent repertoire has included Bach's complete motets, Lassus’ Magnificat Praeter Rerum Seriem and Handel's Dixit Dominus.