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NameMauro Orsini Windholz


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tate University of São Paulo, Major in Composition, Federal University of Rio, Masters in Music

About me:

While my main thing is music theory and cognition, I have a lot of experience as a gigging musician and private music teacher. I also compose and arrange occasionally. I love partner dancing and have played at partner dancing events. I'm big on activism and politics, actively participating in campaigns on campus such as Divest Princeton and PGSU. I also love jamming with friends and biking 🙂

Other affiliations:
Guitarist, Community College Teaching Fellowship, Brazil Lab, Divest Princeton, PGSU, Pardon my French

How have I benefitted from mentorship?

Very much so. I had many mentors throughout my academic journey. To name a few: a PhD student in my research group during my masters was an extremely attentive and thoughtful mentor, and a former high school colleague who did a masters before me mentored me throughout my masters application process. A couple of American friends that I met in Brazil were instrumental in helping apply to PhD in the US. My peers during my PhD here in Princeton have also been amazing mentors, helping me navigate the US academic scene, which was largely unfamiliar to me.

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