Music Mentors

NameNatalie Miller


Fifth Year


University of Texas at Austin, B.A. in Music and B.A. in Linguistics

About me:

I entered graduate studies directly after my undergraduate degrees and learned so much in the transition from undergrad at a massive public institution to graduate studies at a much smaller private university. In my non-school life, I love to read (for fun) and walk my adopted dog Kida. I also love to make small crocheted creations (like pumpkins, sunflower coasters, or macarons) and you'll probably be able to spot some around Woolworth or the music library if you take a look 🙂

Other affiliations:
ReMatch, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning Graduate Peer Coach

How have I benefitted from mentorship?

I can confidently say I never would've even considered graduate school if it weren't for graduate student and professor mentors during my time in undergrad. Their support in exploring my passions, interests, and how to pursue them post-undergrad were fundamental and I'm passionate about aiding others in their own explorations. During my graduate studies, informal and formal mentors have been instrumental to help me continue learning about my passions and interests, within music and beyond.

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