Music Mentors

NameBonnie Ko


Third Year


University of Southern California: Classics, Neuroscience (BA), Vocal Music Performance (Minor)

About me:

1) I worked for two years as a teacher, tutor, and curriculum developer for secondary school students; 2) I tend to favor face-to-face meetings or phone calls over messages -- please know that I haven't ghosted you if I haven't responded to your texts or emails

Other affiliations:
Glee Club, Chapel Choir, EMP Vocal Consort

How have I benefitted from mentorship?

The thing I am most grateful to my mentors for is that they gave me the push needed to pursue the work that I am most deeply passionate about. While I have learned things at every step of my academic journey and time spent working, my mentors encouraged me to step beyond my professional comfort zone and pursue opportunities that I otherwise did not feel confident enough to explore.

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