Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe Graduate Student: Musicology

My dissertation, “Between Acousmatic Blackness and Blacksound: The Cultural Politics of Black Music in Spain”, focuses on the intersection of racial identity and music through an analysis of the cultural politics of listening in Spain. It is an ethnomusicological investigation into the circulation of Black music in Spain using digital technology, race, and sound as critical categories. I explore the function of Blackness as a sign, sound object, commodity, and aesthetic quality within Spanish popular culture as new social formations organized around cultural Blackness emerge.

Prior to arriving at Princeton, I received a BA in Music and Sociology as well as an MPhil in Music from the University of Ghana where I was also a teaching assistant. In 2022, I was a Social Impact fellow at the Newark Symphony Hall. In March 2023, I joined the research lab at the Centre for Music Ecosystems as a social impact fellow.

I am the host and founder of the Black Music Nomad show, a podcast that offers a platform for Black musicians in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world to speak about their music and experiences in these communities. I am also a composer and my compositions have been performed in Ghana, Greece, and the USA.

Eugene K. Wolf grant awarded by the American Musicological Society

2023-2024 Graduate Fellow at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS)

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