Jane Hines Graduate Student: Musicology

Jane Hines’s dissertation, a conceptual history of the faculty of imagination in an Austro-German context, unites her research interests in compositional theories and practices, intellectual history, aesthetics, music analysis, and criticism. It traces the role of the imagination (Phantasie, Einbildungskraft, Vorstellungskraft) in musical discourses from C.P.E. Bach to Adorno, with special emphasis on the writings of Eduard Hanslick and Hugo Riemann. Her research has been supported by a Fulbright-Mach award (2019-2020) at the University of Vienna, where she was also a visiting PhD student 2020-21, and awards from the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. In 2021, Jane translated Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg’s Abhandlung von der Fuge (ed. Derek Remeš) for an online database of music treatise translations hosted by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw. Jane also plays harpsichord and founded the department ensemble Early Music Princeton, which she directed 2015-2019.

M.M. Music History, Bowling Green State University, 2015

M.M. Music Theory, Bowling Green State University, 2015

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