Senior Spotlight: Natalie Stein ’22

Natalie Stein, a vocalist, pianist, and composer from Carlisle, MA, wrote an original composition for her senior thesis in the Department of Music titled “Beautifully Undone.” You can enjoy a recorded excerpt of her work here. Also pursuing a Certificate in Vocal Performance, she was a member of the Glee Club and Chamber Choir. Reflecting on her time as an undergraduate student, Natalie is most proud of all of the music that she has written during these past four years. She is passionate about climate change and the environment, and all of the friends she has made on campus.

“From my time as an undergraduate student at Princeton, I’m most proud of all the music I’ve written here, especially my thesis. Regardless of what the future holds, I will always be able to carry it with me.”

Favorite track: “María Parado Bellido” by Renata Flores

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