Senior Spotlight: Noah Altshuler ’22

Noah Altshuler, from Cambridge, England, wrote his thesis in the English Department on etymological wordplay and artificial languages in historical fiction, while also composing a Rockabilly Concerto for String Quintet and Piano for his Certificate in Performance (Composition). When he’s not busy also pursuing certificates in Humanistic Studies, Medieval Studies, and European Cultural Studies (on top of his certificate in Music Composition), he enjoys playing “things with frets or keys, with some exceptions.”

“For me, Princeton music is synonymous with Steve Mackey. Sweats, Uggs, and wisdom. As he said in his composition workshop, this program is an excuse to do what you know you should be doing anyway. Thank you, Steve, for the excuses.

Any success I have in music—and especially any failure—is thanks to Steven Mackey. Here’s to right-ing wrong notes—but, of course, to wrong-ing them first!”

Favorite Musician: “Pick a letter. You can get a long way with Radiohead, Randy Newman, and Ray Charles–all without leaving “R.”

Most listened-to track: “Please Hello” from Pacific Overtures

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