Senior Spotlight: Theodore Renzo Trevisan ’22

Theodore Renzo Trevisan, from Princeton, NJ, wrote a thesis composition for choirs and electronics that was performed in the Princeton Universtity Chapel—an endeavor that also combined his pursuits in Certificates in the Applications of Computing and Vocal Consort Singing, and his talents as a vocalist, conductor, and electronic musician. A member of the Glee Club, Chamber Choir, Katzenjammers, Princeton Laptop Orchestra, and Early Music Princeton, he considers the realization that he can embrace working with a variety of styles within his musical endeavors a defining moment within his time as an undergraduate student.

“My composition and performance practices both inform each other, and my musical studies at Princeton have prepared me well for my upcoming master’s degree in composition as well as my broader life plans to pursue a combination of composition and ensemble singing professionally.”

See Theo’s work performed by Antioch Ensemble:

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