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Music Major Kasey Shao Named 2024 Gilmore Young Artist

Sep 18, 2023

The Department of Music congratulates Kasey Shao (Class of 2025), a Music Major who is pursuing Minors in Piano Performance and Engineering Biology, who was one of two students named 2024 Gilmore Young Artists. We caught up with Kasey this summer following the official announcement to discuss how she found out she’d been selected, what she has planned for her 2024 Gilmore recitals and piano commission, and what’s on the docket for her final two years at Princeton.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 Senior Class Day Award Winners

Aug 4, 2023

Last May, the Department of Music is proud to announce the recipients of the Class of 2023 Senior Class Day awards. Join us in applauding these young musicians on their outstanding accomplishments!

Meet the New Alumni Class of 2023 Music Majors

Jul 5, 2023

The Department of Music applauds the remarkable Music Majors that graduated from our department this spring.

Meet the STEM Majors of Sinfonia

Jan 31, 2023

Twice a week in the Lee Music Performance & Rehearsal Room, the Princeton University Sinfonia gathers to rehearse. Led by director Ruth Ochs, the orchestra is made up of students from all class years, many STEM majors coming from across the University’s myriad of technical disciplines, to enjoy a few hours a week of music and community.

Senior Spotlight: Ally Wonski ’22

Jun 7, 2022

“I love creating stories and bringing them to life across different mediums such as composition, writing, and performance! I particularly work within fantasy and the supernatural and typically create works that have a sort of haunted but beautiful, ethereal feel to them.”

Senior Spotlight: Theodore Renzo Trevisan ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Theodore Renzo Trevisan, from Princeton, NJ, wrote a thesis composition for choirs and electronics that was performed in the Princeton Universtity Chapel—an endeavor that also combined his pursuits in Certificates in the Applications of Computing and Vocal Consort Singing, and his talents as a vocalist, conductor, and electronic musician.

Senior Spotlight: Daniel Shen ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Daniel Shen, from Naperville, IL, applied his studies in the Applications of Computing to create a senior thesis exploring pop music hook generation using neural networks. In reflecting on his time on campus, he most appreciates the intellectual vitality of the Princeton community, and the ease with which one can make friendships and other meaningful connections within that community.

Senior Spotlight: Maya Stepansky ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Maya Stepansky, a drummer from Montclair, NJ, wrote her senior thesis as a composition that explored of sonic painting through drum performance and computer music. A member of Jazz Small Group I, her favorite musical memory on campus was getting to play with the great Dave Holland in Richardson Auditorium.

Senior Spotlight: Bryant So ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Bryant So, from Colorado Springs, CO, has participated as a violinist with the Princeton University Orchestra and Opus Chamber Music Ensemble, and as a vocalist with the Katzenjammers a capella group.

Senior Spotlight: Natalie Stein ’22

Jun 7, 2022

“From my time as an undergraduate student at Princeton, I’m most proud of all the music I’ve written here, especially my thesis. Regardless of what the future holds, I will always be able to carry it with me.”

Senior Spotlight: Maya Keren ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Maya Keren, from Philadelphia, PA, has spent many happy moments on the towpath dock—her favorite spot on campus—while pursuing a concentration in Music with Certificates in African American Studies and Music Performance, and playing at Terrace Club with the Julien band from her first to senior years.

Senior Spotlight: Emily Liushen ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Emily Liushen, from Louisville, KY, has dedicated her studies to both the composition and performance of music. For her senior thesis for the Music Department, she wrote a clarinet quintet.

Senior Spotlight: Anson Jones ’22

Jun 7, 2022

“From my time at Princeton, I am most proud of how much I’ve explored different topics and fields, how much I’ve learned about what my real passions are, and how much I’ve discovered about who I am.”

Senior Spotlight: Akiva Jacobs ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Akiva Jacobs, a guitarist and bass player from Newton, MA (and, as they think people would be surprised to learn, a scorpio!) composed and conducted an original composition for jazz large ensemble for their senior thesis in the Department of Music while pursuing Certificates in Music Performance and Latin American Studies.

Senior Spotlight: Ed Horan ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Ed Horan, from Hoboken, NJ, has created a concept album/audio-only musical retelling of the original Pinocchio story in culmination of his composition concentration in Music.

Senior Spotlight: Jeffrey Gordon ’22

Jun 7, 2022

“For me, being a music major meant always trying to prioritize what feels most important and most moving! I’m not sure what’s next for me yet, but I think that I’ll carry forward this ability to listen ‘inwardly’ for sure.”

Senior Spotlight: Justin Coon ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Justin Coon, a Wisconsin native, wrote an original composition for his senior thesis in the Department of Music.

Senior Spotlight: Leila Ruth Abou-Jaoude ’22

Jun 7, 2022

Leila Ruth Abou-Jaoude, from Lexington, KY, composed an original musical about the German Romantic concert pianist and composer Clara Schumann for her senior thesis.

Senior Spotlight: Mariana Corichi Gomez ’21

Jun 7, 2021

“From conducting Camerata in a program of Mexican composers to conducting the Glee Club in Mexico City for a loving audience, I cherish these moments and the opportunity to share my culture with my ensembles.”

Senior Spotlight: Lawrence Chiang ’21

Jun 7, 2021

“My favorite musical moment from my time at Princeton is going on tour with the Princeton University Orchestra to Spain! And with the Opus Chamber Music Ensemble to Sweden!”